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"Using Powell was easy! I got a quote very quickly and they set up a convenient time to come and do the work. The window cleaner was very courteous and made sure to put on shoe covers. The work was done quickly and I now have sparkling windows."

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Powell Window Cleaning Knows Las Vegas

At Powell Window Cleaning, we understand the unique factors that contribute to dirty windows in Las Vegas. We also know the importance of a first impression and can provide you with a window cleaning solution suitable for households and businesses. We've been in the business for over ten years and provide a professional, on-time window cleaning service.

Commercial Window Cleaning

In Las Vegas, we have to contend with a lot of dust and unique weather conditions. We operate in high-traffic areas and can work according to a schedule that suits your business needs. 

The benefits of commercial window cleaning include: 

  • Improved aesthetics: Cleaning your windows allows the building's facade to look brighter and cleaner immediately. This improves the overall look of your building's exterior. 
  • Brighter interiors: Clean windows allow more natural light to penetrate the interior. This can leave the inside spaces feeling brighter. 
  • Energy efficiency: Sunlight warms up the interior space and provides natural light. Clean windows that allow sunlight in means less reliance on other energy sources to create the same effect. 
  • Window maintenance: Over time, dirt and debris can build up and lead to maintenance issues. Regular cleaning ensures less maintenance on window panes, tracks, and surrounding structures. 
  • Safety: Cleaning a multi-rise building can be risky and requires specialized equipment. Our team has the proper window cleaning equipment, safety measures, and safety equipment to do the job effectively and safely. We also have the correct insurance in place to ensure liability is covered. 
  • Labor: While you can use staff to attend to window and exterior cleaning, your staff are best suited to running your business. By hiring commercial window cleaners, you can free up your staff to attend to other business matters.

Exterior and Interior Window Cleaning

As professional window cleaners, we can tackle a variety of commercial window cleaning jobs. We can clean the windows of office buildings, government buildings, multi-story buildings, low-rise commercial buildings, mid-rise commercial buildings, and apartment buildings. Our service also includes interior window cleaning for a comprehensive window cleaning service.

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Professional pressure washing on a commercial exterior sidewalk in Las Vegas.

Commercial Power Washing 

Commercial power washing, also known as pressure washing, is an important service to brighten up the exterior of your property. Over the years, weather, plants, and mold can settle on the exterior and can cause damage and discoloration.

A pressure wash removes this and can also prepare your exterior for a paint job. We can also use the pressure washer to clean graffiti off the exterior walls. Pressure washing also works well on walkways and driveways, leaving your exterior facade clean and free from debris. 

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"They are great to work with! I am a Realtor and have them clean the windows for our listings. They are able to get us onto their schedule quickly and they do a great job!"

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